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Multi Storey Car Parks

REIDsteel design and build multi-storey car parks, so that they are safe, easy to use and economical. We specialise in multistorey car parking solutions including full structural design and build of the parking structure, its decking and roof. REIDsteel work worldwide, also offering parking lot design and construction for the US and other markets. Each REIDsteel multi-storey car park complies with applicable standards for the dimensions of car parking bays and size of spaces. A choice of car park layouts is available to suit different usage and all designs incorporate safety barriers.

The advantage of steel framed car parks is that the building can be designed around the car parking eliminating the need for the car parking to be designed around the building as with concrete car parks. Steel framing is lightweight, strong and slender, allowing large clear open floor spaces, with minimum floor to floor heights.

Registered Steel Work ContractorREIDsteel have been in design and construction of steel framed buildings and car parking structures since 1919. We are rated A1 (highest) in the Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors (RQSC) which qualifies us to design and make every form of structural steelwork, from light architectural steel to the largest aircraft hangars and heaviest industrial plant.

Existing REIDsteel Multi-Storey Car Parks

IEG Supermarket Car Park
BMW Dealership Car Park

Car Park Design and Construction

  • Car Park Layouts – Recommended types of car park layout
  • Parking Bays – General dimensions for car parking bays and car park spaces
  • Decking – Types of floor decking for use in car parks and parking lots
  • Crash Barriers – Innovative design of parking barriers to improve safety
  • Roofing – Waterproof a car park with steel roofing
  • Steel Frame – Typical dimensions of the galvanized steel frame
  • Architectural Features – Aesthetic car parking structures to suit your requirements
  • Automatic Car ParkingREIDsteel can provide steel framing for automatic parking systems
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